February 12, 2023

2-12-23AM- “The Gospel of Christ”

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Passage: Romans 1:1-16
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Everything starts with the gospel. It is the foundation of eternal life for every individual soul. And it is the foundation for every true and faithful fellowship of God's people. Are you clear in your understanding of the gospel? Do you know what the gospel is?
I. The gospel of God (vs.1-7)
A. Promised before (vs.2)
B. About Jesus (vs.3-4)
1. The seed of David (vs.3)
2. The Son of God (vs.4)
C. For all nations (vs.5-7)
II. The burden of Paul (vs.8-16)
A. I long to see you (vs.8-12)
B. I long to preach the gospel (vs.13-16)