Dan (& Tricia) Dubbe

Mission Board - Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Service Field - Germany

Steve (& Beth) Gault

Mission Board - Baptist Mid-Missions

Mission Field - Coordinator for Africa and Europe Missions

Rob (& Sherry) Hagerty

Mission Board - ABWE

Mission Field - New Missionary Coaches

Dave (& Barb) Hohmann

Mission Board - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Mission Field - Prison Ministry, USA

Jim (& Terry) Miller

Mission Board - ABWE

Mission Field - Cape Town, South Africa

Rolando T. (& Ruth) Pacong

Mission Board - Independent Baptist Mission
for Asians

Mission Field - Philippines

Timothy (& Teresia) Hendricks

Mission Board - Taking Necessary Truth International Ministry, Inc.

Mission Field - Mexico

Life in Messiah

Mission Field - Jewish Ministry, USA

Sam (& Mary Beth) Synder

Mission Board - BIMI

Mission Field -Papua New Guinea

Ruth Coleman

Mission Agency - BMM

Mission Field - Honduras

Dan and Raquel Tessin

Mission Board - Central Mission Clearing House

Mission Field - Philippines

Dr. John Sircar

Mission Board - ABWE

Mission Field - Bangladesh