February 12, 2023

2-12-23PM- “A Lesson In Humility”

Passage: Daniel 4:1-37
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God is in charge. We all need to learn that truth. And God will bring down those who walk in pride. Daniel tries to keep the king of Babylon from experiencing this. Daniel shared the truth with the king. But the king wouldn't listen. Are we listening?
I. A powerful testimony (vs.1-3)
II. A second dream (vs.4-18)
A. A disturbing dream (vs.4-5)
B. A source of truth (vs.6-9)
C. A recounting of the dream (vs.10-17)
III. A bold rebuke (vs.19-27)
A. Daniel's burden (vs.19)
B. Daniel's boldness (vs.20-27)
IV. A humbled king (vs.28-33)
V. A powerful testimony (vs.34-37)