February 5, 2023

2-5-23PM- “A Faithful Witness”

Passage: Daniel 3:1-30
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God is looking for those that will stand for the truth in our wicked day. God will glorify His name through the faithful witness of His people. Will you stand boldly for the truth no matter what everyone else is doing? Will you be a witness today?
I. A cultural sin (vs.1-7)
A. Idolatry (vs.2-7)
B. Everyone (vs.2-7)
II. A bold witness (vs.8-18)
A. Noticed (vs.8-12)
B. Tempted (vs.13-15)
C. Faithful (vs.16-18)
III. A glorified God (vs.19-30)
A. Protected in the flame (vs.19-25)
B. Bringing honor to God (vs.26-30)