January 15, 2023

1-15-22PM- “There is a God in Heaven”

Passage: Daniel 2:1-49
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A bold believer has an answer in the midst of the confusion all around us today. Do you know your God? Are you ready to give an answer to those who ask a reason of the hope that is in you? Let's say to the world around us, "There is a God in heaven!"
I. God gets the king's attention (vs.1)
II. The king searches for an answer (vs.2-13)
A. The king's request (vs.2-6)
B. The king's suspicion (vs.7-9)
C. The failure of man's wisdom (vs.10-13)
III. Daniel seeks the Lord for wisdom (vs.14-23)
A. Daniel prays (vs.17-18)
B. Daniel rejoices (vs.19-23)
IV. Daniel stands boldly for God (vs.24-49)
A. Daniel's testimony (vs.24-30)
B. God's glory (vs.46-49)