January 15, 2023

1-15-22AM- “Repentance and Obedience”

Passage: Nehemiah 9:1-10:39
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Hearing God in His Word will lead to revival. Part of revival is rejoicing in the Lord. And part of revival is repenting of sin and turning from our wicked ways. And this is where everything changes. God blesses obedience. Do you need to repent today? Do you need to commit to walking in the truth as you turn back to God?
I. Confession and worship (9:1-3)
A. Sorrow over sin (vs.1)
B. Confessing our sin (vs.2-3)
II. A prayer of repentance (9:4-37)
A. God's greatness and goodness (vs.6-15)
B. Israel's sin and failure (vs.16-31)
C. Surrender and obedience (vs.32-37)
III. Making a covenant (9:38-10:39)
A. A desire to do right (9:38)
B. A commitment to do right (10:1-39)