January 22, 2023

1-22-23AM- “Consecration and Challenge”

Passage: Nehemiah 11:1-13:31
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"Take my life and let it be" should the theme song of every believer. Our lives are to be lived for God's glory. Let's dedicate everything to God. And let's be challenged to keep sin from hindering God's work.
I. Dedication and thanksgiving (12:27-47)
A. A dedication (vs.27)
B. A time of thanksgiving (vs.27-43)
C. A continuing worship (vs.44-47)
II. Rebuke and cleansing (13:1-31)
A. The influence of the world (vs.1-9)
B. Wrong priorities (vs.10-14)
C. Forgetting God (vs.15-22)
D. Union with the ungodly (vs.23-31)