September 24, 2023

9-24-23AM- “Jesus and Israel- Part 2: Righteousness by Faith”

Passage: Romans 10:1-21
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Israel missed God's goodness and life because they refused to believe that Jesus was the Messiah and Lord. They refused to submit to God's righteousness in Jesus. Have you accepted God's salvation in Jesus for life?
I. The righteousness by faith missed (9:30-10:3)
  A. Stumbling over Jesus (9:30-33)
  B. Refusing to submit to God's righteousness (10:1-3)
II. The righteousness by faith revealed (10:4-13)
  A. Jesus is God's righteousness (vs.4-9)
  B. Faith receives God's righteousness (vs.10-13)
III. The obedience of faith (10:14-21)
  A. God's good news (vs.14-15)
  B. Israel's disobedience (vs.16-21)