September 17, 2023

9-17-23PM- “The Right Focus”

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Passage: Matthew 6:19-34
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The true follower of Jesus has a focus that is heavenly, not earthly. We must seek first the kingdom of God. We must lay up treasures in heaven. That is how God wants His people to live in this world. Are you focused on heaven?
I. Treasures in heaven (vs.19-21)
  A. Earthly treasures (vs.19)
  B. Heavenly treasures (vs.20)
  C. The heart's desire (vs.21)
II. A single focus (vs.22-24)
III. Trusting God's provision (vs.25-34)
  A. Take no thought (vs.25-30)
    1. Don't worry (vs.25)
    2. Trust God (vs.25-30)
  B. Seek first the kingdom of God (vs.31-34)