September 17, 2023

9-17-23AM- “Jesus and Israel- Part 1: God’s Sovereign Choice”

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Passage: Romans 9:1-33
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How does the nation of Israel and the Jewish people fit into God's plan of salvation through Jesus? They need to repent and accept Jesus as the Promised Messiah of God. God will not abandon His people, but Israel will not know God's goodness until they repent. Have you accepted God's only way of salvation in Jesus?
I. Paul's burden (vs.1-3)
II. Israel's privileged position (vs.4-5)
III. Missing God's promise (vs.6-13)
  A. Isaac and Ishmael (vs.8-9)
  B. Jacob and Esau (vs.10-13)
IV. Surrendering to God's sovereignty (vs.14-29)
  A. God's mercy for sinners (vs.15-18)
  B. God's authority (vs.19-24)
  C. God's mercy for Israel (vs.25-29)