August 28, 2022

8-28-22PM “Order in the Church”

Passage: 1 Timothy 2:1-15
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The church belongs to Jesus. And He tells us how His church should look. If we are going to be a biblical and God-honoring people, then we must follow God's plan. Man's way and understanding is wrong. Let's commit to following God's design for His church.
I. The work of prayer (vs.1-8)
A. All kinds of prayer (vs.1)
B. Praying for rulers (vs.2)
C. Praying for salvation (vs.3-7)
D. Unhindered prayer (vs.8)
II. The leadership of the church (vs.9-15)
A. A woman's testimony (vs.9-10)
B. A woman's submission (vs.11-15)