August 28, 2022

8-28-22AM “The Mighty Hand of God”

Passage: Ezra 5:1-6:22
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God's power is at work on the behalf of His people. God is sovereign. He will do His work by His power. But we must trust Him. We must walk with God by faith. Let God do His work as you trust Him in the midst of difficult circumstances.
I. Renewal (5:1-2)
A. Hearing God's Word (vs.1)
B. Serving the Lord (vs.2)
II. Commitment (5:3-17)
A. A new attack (vs.3-10)
B. The response of faith (vs.11-17)
III. Providential prosperity (6:1-13)
A. The king's search (vs.1-5)
B. The king's decree (vs.6-13)
1. Let them alone (vs.6-7)
2. Give then what they need (vs.8-10)
3. Hear my warning (vs.11-13)
IV. Celebration (6:14-22)