August 27, 2023

8-27-23PM- “True Righteousness”

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Passage: Matthew 5:13-48
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There is something different about a true believer. He is not simply religious. He loves God with all his heart. He lives out a true righteousness that comes from within. Is your righteousness genuine and true because it comes out of a relationship with Jesus?
I. A clear testimony (vs.13-16)
  A. Salt (vs.13)
  B. Light (vs.14-16)
II. A right view of the Law (vs.17-48)
  A. Jesus fulfills the Law (vs.17-20)
  B. Jesus explains the Law (vs.21-48)
   1. Anger (vs.21-26)
   2. Lust (vs.27-32)
   3. Dishonesty (vs.33-37)
   4. Revenge (vs.38-42)
   5. Hating the enemy (vs.43-47)