September 3, 2023

9-3-23AM- “Truths Related to Jesus’ Return”

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Passage: Hebrews 10:26-39
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Jesus is coming again. Will He come as your Savior or as your Judge? Choos Jesus today. Tomorrow may be too late. And for the believer, keep pressing on as you wait for Jesus to come. He will return and bring victory to God's people.
I. A fearful looking for of judgment (vs.26-31)
  A. The willful sinner (vs.26, 28-29)
  B. The certain judgment of God (vs.26-27, 30-31)
II. A need for patience (vs.32-39)
  A. The fight of afflictions (vs.32-34)
  B. Continuing in confidence and patience (vs.35-39)