August 27, 2023

8-27-23AM- “Confident Conquerors”

Passage: Romans 8:26-39
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Our confidence is not in our own ability to control our lives. We have no idea what is coming one day to the next. Our confidence is in God Who is in control of all the details of our lives. Therefore we are confident even in difficulties and struggles. Nothing can separate us from God's love.

I. Help in time of need (vs.26-27)
  A. The Spirit's intercession (vs.26)
  B. The Spirit's knowledge (vs.27)
II. God's purpose worked out (vs.28-34)
  A. All things (vs.28)
  B. His purpose (vs.29-30)
  C. Our confidence (vs.31-34)
III. God's love that never fails (vs.35-39)