July 23, 2023

7-23-23PM- “Practicing the Common Faith”

Passage: Titus 3:1-15
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God created us in Jesus for good works. Those good works glorify God in our lives. Are you being fruitful in good works? Are you serving God and living for Him?
I. A good citizen (vs.1-2)
A. Obedient (vs.1)
B. Kind (vs.2)
II. A believer in God (vs.3-8)
A. Sinners (vs.3)
B. God's mercy (vs.4-7)
C. Profitable to men (vs.8)
III. A faithful servant (vs.9-15)
A. Firm in the faith (vs.9-11)
B. Faithful in good works (vs.12-15)