July 23, 2023

7-23-23AM- “Living in Jesus”

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Passage: Romans 6:1-23
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God brought together a wonderful illustration of our passage. A young girl followed the Lord in believer's baptism at the conclusion of our service, and the family gave permission to put it online. The illustration is how we have died to the old life of sin and have been given new life in Jesus.
I. Dead to sin and alive to God (vs.1-11)
A. Dying with Jesus (vs.2-3)
B. Living in Jesus (vs.4-5)
C. Freed from sin (vs.6-7)
D. Alive unto God (vs.8-11)
II. Servants of righteousness (vs.12-23)
A. Yielding to God (vs.12-16)
B. Fruit of holiness (vs.17-23)