July 30, 2023

7-30-23AM- “The Struggle Within”

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Passage: Romans 7:1-25
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The true believer delights in the Word of God. He wants to do what is right. But the sin nature still lives in the believer. So the struggle is real. There is a battle going on in the heart of every true believer. And God gives us the victory through Jesus! Love God with all your heart and rely on Him to help you resist sin.
I. Freed from the Law (vs.1-6)
A. Marriage and the Law (vs.2-3)
B. The believer and the Law (vs.4-6)
II. The battle with sin (vs.7-25)
A. The Law is good (vs.7-12)
B. Sin is exceeding sinful (vs.13-23)
1. Agreeing with the Law (vs.15-16)
2. Seeing my sin (vs.17-18)
3. The batttle is real (vs.19-23)
C. Jesus gives victory (vs.24-25)