July 16, 2023

7-16-23PM- “Teaching the Common Faith”

Passage: Titus 2:1-15
Service Type:

The church is set in order when it is living according to the truth of God's Word. Sound doctrine is vital if a church is going to be set in order for God's glory.
I. Teaching the whole church (vs.2-10)
A. Aged believers (vs.2-3)
1. Aged men (vs.2)
2. Aged women (vs.3)
B. Young believers (vs.4-8)
1. Young women (vs.4-5)
2. Young men (vs.6-8)
C. Servant believers (vs.9-10)
II. Knowing the work of grace (vs.11-14)
A. Denying ungodliness (vs.12)
B. Looking for Jesus (vs.13)
C. Being faithful (vs.14)