June 4, 2023

6-4-23AM- “The Final Sacrifice” Part 1

Passage: Hebrews 9:1-28
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The old has passed and the new has come in Jesus. There is no more sacrifice for sin. Jesus is the final sacrifice. It all starts with His work in the tabernacle in heaven as He presents His blood as the perfect sacrifice for sin.
I. The first tabernacle (vs.1-10)
A. The holy place (vs.2)
B. The holiest of all (vs.3-5)
C. The service of God (vs.6-7)
D. The final truth (vs.8-10)
II. The ministry of Jesus (vs.11-28)
A. A better tabernacle (vs.11)
B. A better sacrifice (vs.12-28)
1. His blood (vs.12-14)
2. His death (vs.15-23)
3. His accomplishment (vs.24-28)