June 4, 2023

6-4-23PM- “From the Dungeon to the Throne”

Passage: Genesis 41:1-57
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God's plan becomes visible to Joseph. The good starts to come out of the bad. But it is only a reminder that God is working out His perfect plan in our lives. We will reign with Him in glory one day.
I. Pharaoh's dream (vs.1-7)
II. Joseph's testimony (vs.8-13)
III. Joseph's wisdom (vs.14-36)
A. Pharaoh's call (vs.14)
B. Pharaoh's need (vs.15)
C. Joseph's response (vs.16)
D. Joseph's ministry (vs.17-36)
IV. Joseph's exaltation (vs.37-44)
V. Joseph's faith (vs.45-57)
A. Manasseh (vs.51)
B. Ephraim (vs.52)