May 28, 2023

5-28-23PM- “I Waited Patiently for the Lord”

Passage: Genesis 40:1-23
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Just when things started to look up for Joseph he had another setback. But God was using that pause to do His work. Let's learn to wait patiently for the Lord. He knows what He is doing. And His timing is perfect.
I. New prisoners (vs.1-4)
A. An offense (vs.1-2)
B. An appointment (vs.3-4)
II. Two dreams (vs.5-19)
A. Joseph's faith (vs.6-8)
B. God's wisdom (vs.9-13)
C. Joseph's desire (vs.14-15)
D. Joseph's honesty (vs.16-19)
III. Another test (vs.20-23)