May 28, 2023

5-28-23AM- “Our Soul Waiteth for the Lord“

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Passage: Psalm 33:1-22
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The righteous remnant in America is disturbed by all the sin and evil around them. But there is hope. God's mercy is our need. So we can trust in the Lord and seek His mercy in our sinful nation. May the righteous remnant be encouraged to hope in the Lord!
I. The greatness of God (vs.1-9)
A. The praise of God's people (vs.1-3)
B. The perfection of God's work (vs.4-9)
II. The purpose of God (vs.10-12)
A. The counsel of the heathen (vs.10)
B. The counsel of the Lord (vs.11)
C. The people of God (vs.12)
III. The faithfulness of God (vs.13-22)
A. The inability of man (vs.13-17)
B. The hope of God's people (vs.18-22)