May 21, 2023

5-21-23PM- “God’s Faithfulness in Our Trials”

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Passage: Genesis 39:1-23
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God never left Joseph. No matter where Joseph was or what Joseph was facing God was with Him. And God is with us every step of the way. His plan is being worked out in every detail of our lives.
I. A faithful servant (vs.1-6)
A. God is with Joseph (vs.2)
B. God blesses Joseph (vs.2-3, 5)
C. Joseph serves well (vs.4, 6)
II. An attack by Satan (vs.7-16)
A. The temptation (vs.7)
B. The response (vs.8-9)
C. The persistence of sin (vs.10-16)
III. Another trial (vs.17-23)
A. The right jail (vs.20)
B. God's presence (vs.21)
C. Joseph's faithfulness (vs.22-23)