April 3, 2022

4-3-22AM “Standing Firm in God’s Grace”

Passage: Galatians 4:19-5:12
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The Christian life begins by God's grace. And that life continues by God's grace. So God calls us to walk by faith in Jesus. The temptation is to rely on our works in our walk with God. So God warns us to not be entangled again in works. Are you standing firm in your new life in Jesus? Are you living by faith in God's grace?
I. A clear picture (4:19-31)
A. Two sons (vs.22-23)
B. Two covenants (vs.24-27)
C. The children of promise (vs.28-31)
II. A clear challenge (5:1-12)
A. The yoke of bondage (vs.1-4)
B. The hope of righteousness by faith (vs.5-6)
C. Paul's confidence in them (vs.7-12)