April 3, 2022

4-3-22PM “Sent By God”

Series: ,
Passage: Ezekiel 2:1-3:27
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God sends His people out to do His work. Do you see yourself as a servant of God? Are you doing what God wants you to do? Serving God will not be without conflict. But God will strengthen us as we obey and faithfully do what God has given us to do. Decide today to live your life as a servant of God.
I. Anointed by God (2:1-2)
II. Called to be faithful (2:3-3:3)
A. Given a work (2:3-5)
B. Encouraged to be faithful (2:6-8)
C. Responding in obedience (2:8-3:3)
III. Warned of difficulty (3:4-14)
A. A clear message (vs.4-7)
B. A strengthened servant (vs.8-11)
C. A struggling servant (vs.12-14)
IV. Reminded of personal responsibility (3:15-27)
A. A watchman (vs.15-21)
B. A choice (vs.22-27)