November 20, 2022

11-20-22AM “Better is the Sight of the Eyes”

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Passage: Ecclesiastes 6:1-12
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God wants us to rejoice in what He is doing in our lives instead of looking for something else that we think will satisfy us. When we count our blessings we see how good God is. Rejoice in the Lord this Thanksgiving season as you celebrate His goodness right in front of you.
I. A sad picture (vs.1-6)
A. God's blessing (vs.2)
B. Good in your soul (vs.3-6)
II. A clear challenge (vs.7-9)
A. The appetite is never filled (vs.7)
B. See what is right in front of you (vs.8-9)
III. Rejoice in the Lord today (vs.10-12)