November 13, 2022

11-13-22PM “A Vessel of Honor”

Passage: 2 Timothy 2:14-26
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God wants to use us in His work. But we must be a vessel, a tool that God can use. Will you be a vessel fit for the Master's use? Will you purge yourself from the iniquity of the world and be sanctified and set apart for God? God wants you to be a vessel of honor.
I. An approved vessel (vs.14-18)
A. A clear charge (vs.14, 16-18)
B. A clear challenge (vs.15)
II. A prepared vessel (vs.19-21)
A. God's servants (vs.19-20)
B. A clean servant (vs.21)
III. A profitable vessel (vs.22-26)
A. Follow after righteousness (vs.22-23)
B. Be meek and patient (vs.24-26)