January 8, 2023

1-8-23PM “Committed to Righteousness”

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Passage: Daniel 1:1-21
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God wants us to be a testimony for Him in this dark world. Will you purpose in your heart to be holy and righteous so that God can use you for His work in this world? Let's follow Daniel's example and be committed to the truth no matter what.
I. Daniel's captivity (vs.1-4)
A. A war (vs.1)
B. God's hand (vs.2)
C. A captive (vs.3-4)
II. Daniel's commitment (vs.5-8)
A. A pagan culture (vs.5-7)
B. A committed believer (vs.8)
III. Daniel's faith (vs.9-16)
A. God's help (vs.9, 15)
B. Daniel's confidence (vs.10-14)
IV. Daniel's testimony (vs.17-21)