July 9, 2023

7-9-23PM- “The Common Faith”

Passage: Titus 1:1-16
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The Church has a foundation. And it is Jesus and His Word. Is the church today set in order according to the truth? Are we on the right path, following God's Word?
I. Defining the common faith (vs.1-4)
A. Salvation for sinners (vs.1)
B. Hope of eternity (vs.2)
C. Preaching to the world (vs.3)
II. Promoting the common faith (vs.5-9)
A. Set in order (vs.5)
B. Ordain elders (vs.5-9)
III. Protecting the common faith (vs.10-16)
A. Rebuking liars (vs.10-14)
B. The defiled mind (vs.15-16)