April 23, 2023

4-23-23PM- “Pride Goeth Before Destruction”

Passage: Esther 5:9-6:14
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God is in charge, not man. And when we try to fight against God, we lose every time. But when we trust God we can rest in His providence and goodness as He takes care of His people.
I. Haman's plan (5:9-14)
A. His boasting (vs.10-12)
B. His agner (vs.13-14)
II. Haman's humbling (6:1-11)
A. The king's sleeplessness (vs.1-3)
B. Haman's timing (vs.4-6)
C. Haman's pride (vs.6-9)
D. Mordecai's promotion (vs.10-11)
III. Haman's warning (6:12-14)