April 23, 2023

4-23-23AM- “But I Go To Church”

Passage: Romans 2:17-3:19
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God's Word is clear that we are all sinners. But we do not like to admit that fact. We make up many excuses as for why we are not wrong. But God is true. And hope is found when we admit our need and turn in faith to Jesus.
I. The heart is what matters (2:17-29)
A. A lot of knowledge (vs.17-20)
B. Still a sinner (vs.21-24)
C. True heart change (vs.25-29)
II. No benefit in religion (3:1-8)
A. The Law is good (vs.1-3)
B. We are sinners (vs.4-8)
III. All the world is guilty (3:9-19)