March 5, 2023

3-5-23AM- “Our Perfect High Priest”

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Passage: Hebrews 7:1-28
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The earthly High Priest in Israel was weak because he was a man. Our perfect High Priest in Heaven is strong and eternal because He is the Son of God. Our hope is secure in Jesus. Rejoice in your perfect High Priest, Jesus Christ.
I. The eternal High Priest (vs.1-3)
A. A King and Priest (vs.2)
B. Remaining forever (vs.3)
II. The greater High Priest (vs.4-10)
III. The final High Priest (vs.11-28)
A. A weak priesthood (vs.11)
B. A beter priesthood (vs.12-19)
C. A better covenant (vs.20-28)