March 5, 2023

3-5-23PM- “Serving God Continually”

Passage: Daniel 6:1-28
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Daniel continued to have a godly testimony in the midst of the darkness around him. And when his faith was tried he came out shining like gold. Let's let our light shine so that those around us will glorify God. Let's have a testimony of continuing faithfulness every day.
I. Daniel's excellent spirit (vs.1-3)
II. The attack of the enemy (vs.4-9)
A. Daniel's righteousness (vs.4)
B. Daniel's worship (vs.5)
C. Daniel's trial (vs.6-9)
III. Daniel's faithful testimony (vs.10-15)
IV. God's faithfulness to His people (vs.16-24)
A. The king's testimony (vs.16-18)
B. The power of God (vs.19-24)
V. The king's praise for God (vs.25-28)