October 24, 2021

10-24-21AM “Trusting God’s Plan”

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Passage: Jeremiah 29:10-14
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God is good. And He is carrying out a good work in the lives of His people. It is our part to trust God and to submit to His plan. Don't resist God's work in your life. Know His goodness as you surrender to Him.
I. God's warning of judgment (26:1-24)
A. Speaking God's Word (vs.1-3)
B. Hearing God's judgment (vs.4-6)
C. Refusing to repent (vs.7-24)
II. God's sovereign work (27:1-28:17)
A. God's Word to the nations (27:1-11)
B. God's Word to Judah (27:12-28:17)
III. God's perfect plan (29:1-32)
A. Be faithful today (vs.1-9)
B. Rest in God's plan (vs.10-14)
C. Believe God's Word (vs.15-32)