August 20, 2023

8-20-23AM- “The Glory to Come”

Passage: Romans 8:14-25
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Sin brings destruction, but Jesus gives life. And Because of Jesus we have a glorious future! Let God renew you in your hope in the glory to come. The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come.
I. Chidren of God (vs.14-16)
II. Heirs of God (vs.17)
III. The revealing of the children of God (vs.18-25)
   A. Present suffering and future glory (vs.18)
   B. The glory of God's people (vs.19)
   C. Hope for creation (vs.20)
   D. Glorious liberty (vs.21)
   E. Waiting for the redemption (vs.22-23)
   F. Patient in hope (vs.24-25)