June 18, 2023

6-18-23PM- “Humbled by God”

Passage: Genesis 42:1-44:34
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Joseph's brothers thought they got away with their sin of selling Joseph into slavery. But they did not. God saw it all. And God knows how to bring justice to the sinner. Trust God with the recompense. Don't let bitterness ruin your life.
I. A fulfilled dream (42:1-6)
A. A day of reckoning (vs.1-2)
B. Bowing before Joseph (vs.3-6)
II. A guilty conscience (42:7-38)
A. Jail (vs.10-17)
B. Worry (vs.18-24)
C. Fear (vs.25-38)
III. A final test (43:1-44:34)
A. A meal (43:15-34)
B. A "stolen" cup (44:1-15)
C. A sacrificial decision (44:16-34)