April 16, 2023

4-16-23AM- “But I’m A Nice Guy”

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Passage: Romans 2:1-16
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The Bible says that we are all sinners. But not everyone admits that. Some think that they are good enough to get to heaven on their own. But God reminds us that He judges according to the truth. And the truth is we need to repent and believe on Jesus.
I. Judged according to truth (vs.1-2)
A. Judging others (vs.1)
B. Judged by God (vs.2)
II. The righteous judgment of God (vs.3-11)
A. No escape (vs.3)
B. Despising God's grace (vs.4-5)
C. God's perfect justice (vs.6-11)
III. Condemned by the Law (vs.12-16)