February 19, 2023

2-19-23AM- “The Unrighteousness of Man”

Passage: Romans 1:16-32
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We won't recognize our need for help until we see how desperate our situation is. The first part of the message of the gospel is man's sin and unrighteousness. We are under the wrath of a holy God. We are guilty. Have you recognized your guilt before God?
I. We need righteousness (vs.16-17)
II. We are under God's wrath (vs.18)
III. We are guilty (vs.18-23)
A. We are without excuse (vs.19-20)
B. We have rejected God (vs.21-23)
IV. We are sinners (vs.24-32)
A. Uncleanness (vs.24-25)
B. Vile affections (vs.26-27)
C. Reprobate mind (vs.28-32)