December 19, 2021

12-19-21AM “God’s Gift to Us”

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Passage: John 3:1-17
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Christmas is God's gift of a Savior to a lost world. And God's gift comes from His heart of love for the sinner. Have you received the greatest gift, the gift of eternal life in Jesus?
I. Jesus came from God (vs.1-8)
A. "A teacher come from God" (vs.1-2)
B. "Ye must be born again" (vs.3-8)
1. Two births (vs.5-6)
2. Possible with God (vs.7-8)
II. God gave us Jesus (vs.9-17)
A. God's promise of salvation (vs.10-12)
B. God's work of salvation (vs.13-15)
C. God's gift of His Son (vs.16-17)