December 18, 2022

12-18-22AM “The Weakness of God”

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Passage: 1 Corinthians 2:6-8
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Christmas is a testimony to God's wisdom and power. The world sees weakness and foolishness, but the Bible shows us God's power and wisdom at Jesus's birth. And now we can be saved from our sin because Jesus carried out God's plan.
I. A mystery (2:6-8; 1:18-28)
A. Man's foolishness (2:6-8)
B. God's plan (2:7)
C. God's wisdom and power (1:18-28)
II. A baby (1:24-25)
A. The foolishness of God (Isa 53:1-3)
B. The weakness of God (Matthew 2:1-16)