December 11, 2022

12-11-22AM “Knowing Satan’s Tactics”

Passage: Nehemiah 4:7-6:19
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Satan does not like to see God's work being done. So he tries to hinder the work in many different ways. Let's be aware of the enemies attempts to hinder us. And Let's stand strong in the Lord.
I. Physical attack (4:7-23)
A. Preparation (vs.9-14)
B. Vigilance (vs.15-23)
II. Internal unrest (5:1-19)
A. Greed (vs.1-5)
B. Compassion (vs.6-12)
III. Deception (6:1-19)
A. God's wisdom (vs.1-4, 10-14)
B. Standing on the truth (vs.5-9)