October 9, 2022

10-9-22AM “A Heart for God”

Passage: Ezra 7:1-28
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God is at work among His people. And a prepared heart will allow God to use us in His work. Ezra was prepared and God opened the door for him to point God's people back to Him. Are you a prepared servant that God can use in His work?
I. A prepared servant (vs.1-10)
A. A prepared heart (vs.10)
B. An obedient heart (vs.10)
C. A burdened heart (vs.10)
II. An open door (vs.11-26)
A. Measuring God's people (vs.11-14)
B. Worshiping God (vs.15-23)
C. Teaching the Law (vs.24-26)
III. A thankful heart (vs.27-28)