October 9, 2022

10-9-22PM “Lay Hold on Eternal Life”

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Passage: 1 Timothy 6:3-21
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What is true gain? What should we be living for? Paul challenges Timothy and the church to fight against the love of this world. We must pursue the things that matter. We must pursue holiness and godliness.
I. Other teaching (vs.3-5)
A. Not according to the truth (vs.3)
B. Man's wisdom (vs.4-5)
II. Wholesome teaching (vs.6-10)
A. Godliness and contentment (vs.6-8)
B. Materialism's destruction (vs.9-10)
III. The pursuit of holiness (vs.11-19)
A. Flee and follow (vs.11-12)
B. See the King (vs.13-16)
C. Lay up treasures in heaven (vs.17-19)