October 30, 2022

10-30-22AM “Restoring Separation”

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Passage: Ezra 9:1-10:44
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Our good Shepherd restores our soul when we are turned away from Him. And we often need restored. David needed the joy of his salvation restored to him. Do you need restored today? Do you need to deal with a sin that is hindering God's work in your life?
I. A lack of separation (9:1-2)
II. A broken heart (9:3-15)
A. Sorrow over sin (vs.3-4)
B. Confession of sin (vs.5-15)
1. We are wrong (vs.6-7)
2. God is good (vs.8-9)
3. We have sinned (vs.10-15)
III. A repentant people (10:1-44)
A. The people wept (vs.1)
B. Hope in Israel (vs.2)
C. Renewing the covenant (vs.3-5)
D. Firm resolve (vs.6-9)
E. Restored separation (vs.10-17)