May 7, 2023

5-7-23AM- “The New Testament”

Passage: Hebrews 8:1-13
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Everything changes with God's New Covenant. And it all starts in the heart. Jesus brings new life within that changes everything.
I. A more excellent ministry (vs.1-6)
A. A minister of the sanctuary (vs.1-2)
B. A better ministry (vs.3-6)
II. A better covenant (vs.6-13)
A. The inability of the Old Covenant (vs.7-9)
B. The promise of the New Covenant (vs.10-12)
1. God renews our hearts (vs.10)
2. God is our God (vs.10)
3. The knowledge of God (vs.11)
4. The forgiveness of sin (vs.12)
C. The passing away of the Old Covenant (vs.13)