May 14, 2023

5-14-23PM- Trusting God’s Plan in Hard Times”

Passage: Genesis 37:1-36
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God will carry out His work in our lives. Satan cannot hinder God's work. God uses all the circumstances in our lives, both good and bad, for His purpose and glory.
I. A favored son (vs.1-4)
A. An evil report (vs.2)
B. Favoritism by Jacob (vs.3-4)
II. Special dreams (vs.5-11)
A. The sheaves (vs.5-8)
B. The sun, moon, and stars (vs.9-11)
III. A hateful family (vs.12-36)
A. Joseph's willingness (vs.12-14)
B. The brother's evil plot (vs.15-36)