November 27, 2022

11-27-22PM “A Solid Foundation in Perilous Times”

Passage: 2 Timothy 3:1-17
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This world is not friendly to the faithful follower of Jesus. Resistance will come to those who are godly. But God is faithful. And the Bible is a solid foundation to stand on in the conflict.
I. Perilous times (vs.1-7)
A. Increasing wickedness (vs.2-5)
B. Led astray (vs.6-7)
II. A faithful God (vs.8-12)
A. Folly revealed (vs.8-9)
B. Delivered by God (vs.10-12)
III. A solid foundation (vs.13-17)
A. Continue in God's Word (vs.13-15)
B. God works through His Word (vs.16-17)