November 14, 2021

11-14-21AM “The Everlasting Word”

Passage: Jeremiah 36:21-24
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God's Word will never pass away. God's Word will always stand. We cannot change what God has said. God calls us instead to trust Him and to obey His Word. What is your response to God's Word?
I. A failed covenant (34:1-22)
A. God's grace (vs.1-7)
B. Judah's unfaithfulness (vs.8-22)
II. A faithful people (35:1-19)
A. Obeying the Word (vs.1-11)
B. Judged by their example (vs.12-19)
III. An enduring Word (36:1-32)
A. The written Word (vs.1-10)
B. The rejected Word (vs.11-26)
C. The rewritten Word (vs.27-32)