October 31, 2021

10-31-21AM “Restored in Love

Passage: Jeremiah 31:31-34
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God brings life to us in our death. His new covenant in Jesus is the answer for our forgiveness and cleansing. Are you rejoicing in the Lord and in His salvation today?
I. "I will save thee" (30:1-24)
A. God's Word of promise (vs.1-3)
B. Saved out of trouble (vs.4-11)
C. Restored health (vs.12-17)
D. Renewed joy (vs.18-24)
II. "I will make a new covenant" (31:1-40)
A. An everlasting love (vs.1-6)
B. A Father to Israel (vs.7-12)
C. Hope in the end (vs.13-20)
D. Rest for the weary (vs.21-30)
E. A new heart (vs.31-34)
F. A faithful God (vs.35-40)